FNB Sale in Execution Properties

A sale in execution is a public auction held by a Sheriff of the Court. This means a court order has been obtained by the bank to attach and sell the property to recover the money that has not been repaid on a home loan. Properties can be bought at great value when attending a Sale in Execution. It is important to note that the bank cannot accept or decline offers on these properties as the bank is not the legal owners.

These properties are advertised in the Government Gazette as well as in any one local newspaper distributed in the area in which the property is situated.

Costs involved:

The Sheriff's commission is payable by the successful buyer at the auction and is based on the purchase price which is calculated as follows:

  • 6% on the first R30 000 plus VAT
  • 3,5% on the balance of the price
  • The minimum commission payable is R440,00 plus VAT and the maximum R8 750,00 plus VAT.

Conditions of sale:

  • A sale agreement is signed by the sheriff and the buyer. The buyer's responsibilities include:
  • Paying a deposit of 10% of the purchase price in cash, bank guaranteed cheque or electronic transfer in the sheriff’s office, immediately on buying.
  • Paying commission on date of purchase by the buyer.
  • Guarantees for the balance of the purchase price, together with interest within 14 or 30 days.
  • The buyer is responsible for the payment of any outstanding levies, water and electricity, rates and taxes.
  • The buyer is responsible for occupation of the property (to evict owner or tenants him or herself).
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